5G-ROUTES & 5G Techritory 2020

On the 11th and 12th of November 2020, the event brought together global practitioners of 5G to share experience and knowledge gained from implementing 5G so far. Forum saw 109 phygital sessions in two days, gathered 2053 participants from 107 countries, and the sessions and panels were lead by 202 world-class speakers – 5G industry trailblazers and stakeholders.

We built the most engaging virtual conference experience yet. With two parallel streams of max. 30min long content designed to retain attention, combined with on stage, on site audiences in person to deliver a multi sensory experience to speakers, sponsors, and listeners.

5G Techritory forum 2020 won two Amber Event Awards for the Best Online Event of 2020 and the GrandPrix prize of 2020 and was recently announced to be the runner-up for the prestigious Virtual & Hybrid Conference Award.

Source: https://www.5gtechritory.com/5gtechritory2020

Access the agenda: https://www.5gtechritory.com/updates2020/agenda