To conduct advanced field trials of most representative and innovative CAM applications seamlessly functioning across a designated 5G cross-border corridor (‘Via Baltica-North’) spanning across 3 EU member states borders (Latvia-Estonia-Finland) in order to validate the latest 5G features and 3GPP specifications under realistic conditions, so as to accelerate the widespread deployment of 5G E2E interoperable CAM ecosystems and services in digitised motorways, railways and shipways throughout Europe.

Concept and Methodology

The 5G-ROUTES technical approach is based on a modular architecture in which the various 5G CAM technological enablers are integrated via open interfaces and APIs.

Work Plan

The project is organised in six (6) Work Packages (WPs) that correspond to the project’s objectives, coordinated by project management activities (WP7).

CAM Trials

The CAM pilots will allow to better understand the roles, relations and responsibilities of market players within the CAM ecosystem.


Structure of the Project Management Board and an Introduction of the Project Consortium


Innovative use cases defined with key industry experts: To develop innovative and commercially exploitable CAM use cases for automotive, railway and maritime sectors within the cross-border context.