Work Plan

Overall Structure of the Work Plan

The project is organised in six (6) Work Packages (WPs) that correspond to the project’s objectives, coordinated by project management activities (WP7). Each WP is led by a project partner particularly experienced in the corresponding area, so as to ensure the best practice and work efficiency.
Figure below summarises the project structure, illustrating the relationships between WPs, organised in 3 main groups:

  • Providing Technical Foundations (WP1-WP3): Design, implement 5G-ROUTES technological enablers and setup the 5G CAM infrastructure to facilitate large-scale CAM service field trial validation.
  • Enabling Industrial Acceptance (WP4): Validate and transform core technical, service and business results to a state suitable for deployment in an operational environment.
  • Impact maximisation (WP5-WP6): Carry out dissemination, communication, exploitation, standardisation and capacity building activities during the project, and planning activities beyond the project, to prepare for and bring about the promised impact.